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Pajarito Acres is located in the part of Los Alamos County known as White Rock.

Pajarito Acres is a covenanted community. All homeowners are members of the association and are subject to the restrictions set forth in the covenants. Pajarito Acres is managed by the Homeowner’s Association’s board of directors.


Protective Covenants                            PAHOAcharacter

Pajarito Acres is zoned residential-agricultural. To protect the character and semi-rural way of life afforded in this area of Los Alamos where this type of life can be pursued, Pajarito Acres is a neighborhood protected by deed covenants.

It is the intention of the Pajarito Home Owner’s Association that “the lands within Pajarito Acres be developed and maintained to insure a harmonious liberal relationship among land uses, to protect and enhance real property values, to conserve the natural beauty and to protect its suburban character.”