hummer_transparentQ: Where can I find the final judgment in the PAHOA vs Miller/Porter lawsuit?

A: The final judgment can be found here: PAHOA vs Miller/Porter The costs award judgment can be found here: Costs Award Judgement.

Q: I want to build a new building on my property what do I need to do to get approval?

A:The building approval application and procedure can be found here: Building approval procedure.   This procedure can also be accessed from the Covenants and Procedures page.

Q. What does “encloses and area” in the Covenants mean with regard to accessory building size?

A: “Encloses and area” for accessory building size means all area under the roof of the structure weather open, closed, walled, or partially walled. This was the meaning as intended by the originators of the  Covenants and this meaning was upheld in court.